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DELTA-FC®10998 is a silicone defoamer for high gloss solvent-based systems to prevent foam and bubble formation during paint production, filling and application. 

DELTA-FC®10998 is a second generation of DELTA-FC®1040 with higher flash point and improved performance. It is highly efficient and offers optimum defoaming while utilizing only minimal quantities of incompatible substances. It is extremely suitable for brush, roller and airless spray applications where the solvents evaporate quickly and rapid defoaming is required. 

DELTA-FC®10998 is suitable for coating and ink applications.


Composition :Solution of foam destroying polysiloxanes
Specific gravity @ 20°C :0.875-0.885 g/cm3
Flashpoint :75°C
Appearance :Clear, colorless liquid

Applications and usage:


DELTA-FC®10998 has a very wide compatibility, which makes it extremely suitable for use in clear coatings. It is recommended in the following application systems:

●Vinyl, acrylate and chlorinated polymers

Stoving systems based on alkyd/melamine

2-K PU and epoxy coatings

Industrial and decorative finishes based on medium- or long-oil alkyd resins

To prevent foaming, DELTA-FC®10998 can be added prior to processing. If it is added to the finished product, care must be taken to ensure uniform distribution.

0.1-0.7% on total formulation weight

Printing inks

DELTA-FC®10998 is suited for solvent-based formulations. It can be used in solvent-based pigment bases and printing inks.

DELTA-FC®10998 is particularly effective in nitrocellulose/PU systems and may be used in gravure and flexographic printing.

DELTA-FC®10998 can be added in the premix stage prior to dispersion. If added post manufacture or press-side, care should be taken to ensure uniform distribution.

0.1-0.7% on total formulation weight

Safety and Handling:

DELTA-FC®10998 should be handled in accordance with good industrial practice. Detailed information can be found in the Safety Data Sheet.


DELTA-FC®10998 should be stored at temperatures between 5 °C and 32°C. Although DELTA-FC®10998 will not freeze under ordinary conditions, best results can be insured if it is kept between the recommended temperatures prior to use. When kept in an original unopened container, it will keep up to 5 year from the date of manufacture.


55 kg and 170 kg non-returnable containers.


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