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DELTA-FC®1526 is a vegetable oil based efficient defoamer supplied in emulsion form. 

DELTA-FC®1526 is characterized by having a long-lasting defoaming effect in different synthetic latex and emulsion systems based on styrene-acrylic, styrene- butadiene, acrylic and polyvinyl acetate over wide spectrum of PVC.

DELTA-FC®1526 is suited for coatings and printing inks. 


Composition :Mixture of vegetable oil and hydrophobic components in emulsion form 
Specific gravity @ 20°C :ca. 0.92-0.95 g/cm3 
Appearance :milky white slightly viscous liquid 

Applications and usage: 

Coatings & inks 

DELTA-FC 1526 is an effective defoamer based on a mixture of hydrophobic components in a vegetable oil carrier supplied in emulsion form. DELTA-FC®1526 contains a tiny amount of silicone. DELTA-FC®1526 can be effectively used in different synthetic latex and emulsion systems based on styrene-acrylic, styrene-butadiene, acrylic and polyvinyl acetate. 

DELTA-FC®1526 controls the foaming tendency of surfactants in water-based coatings and ink formulations (mill-base and let-down) without affecting the final film properties. 

DELTA-FC®1526 can be added at any stage of manufacture. For effective foam destabilization, it is advisable to add a part of the dosage prior to processing at the mill base and a part during the let- down stage. 

The general usage level for DELTA-FC®1526 is 0.1-1.0% on total formulation weight. 

Since DELTA-FC®1526 is supplied in emulsion form, it may show signs of separation upon storage, thus it is recommended to mix the product well before usage. 

Safety and Handling: 

DELTA-FC®1526 should be handled in accordance with good industrial practice. Detailed information can be found in the Safety Data Sheet. 


DELTA-FC®1526 should be stored in a cool dry place. When kept in an original unopened container, it will keep up to 1 year from the date of manufacture. The production date is indicated on the container. 


45 kg non-returnable containers. 

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