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DELTA-SC®2239 is a silicone-based levelling additive with defoaming properties. It improves the surface properties of solvent- based and solvent-free coatings with particular emphasis upon levelling. With a slight influence on surface tension, DELTA-SC®2239 can impart defoaming properties to the system. It is soluble in aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, esters and ketones but insoluble in water. Sometimes it is necessary to dilute this 100% active material with a compatible solvent to improve its compatibility in a particular system. DELTA-SC®2239 is suitable for coatings and composite. 


Composition :Solvent-free modified polysiloxane 

Specific gravity @ 20°C :ca. 0.93 g/cm3 

Flashpoint :100 °C 

Appearance :Opalescent liquid 

Active ingredients :>98% 

Applications and usage: 


DELTA-SC®2239 improves levelling and surface smoothness, increases slip and mar-resistance and avoids the formation of Bénard cells (anti-floating effect). 

It is especially recommended for the following applications: 

●    Acid-curable or polyurethane wood finishes 

●    Stoving enamels based on alkyd, acrylic or polyester resins 

●    Self-levelling epoxy flooring compounds 

●    UV-curable paper lacquers 

It should be added during the final thinning. For ease of handling, dilute to 10% in aromatics or mineral spirits. 

0.05-0.5% on total formulation weight 


DELTA-SC®2239 is an organically modified polysiloxane possessing excellent compatibility with a wide range of systems. It gives reduction of surface tension resulting in improved levelling and spread of thecompound, with no migration of the additive. It gives good de-aeration properties during processing and application. 

DELTA-SC®2239 can be used in PVC plastisols and unsaturated polyesters (glass fiber reinforced), as well as solvent-free epoxy systems (e.g. flooring, conductor plates) and polyurethanes. 

DELTA-SC®2239 should be added to the resin prior to processing and addition of the other components, although addition to the final product is also possible. 

0.05-0.2% on total formulation weight 

Safety and Handling: 

DELTA-SC®2239 should be handled in accordance with good industrial practice. Detailed information can be found in the Safety Data Sheet. 


DELTA-SC®2239 should be stored in a cool dry place. When kept in an original unopened container, it will keep up to 5 years from the date of manufacture. The production date is indicated on the container. 


50 kg and 180 kg non-returnable metallic containers. 

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