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DELTA-DC® 4242 

DELTA-DC® 4242 is an anionic wetting and dispersing agent for inorganic and organic pigments; and fillers/extenders. It is suited for solvent-based, solvent-free and water-based applications. Reduced viscosity can be obtained in the mill-base or pigment concentrate when combined with high molecular weight dispersants. 

DELTA-DC 4242 can be used in coatings, printing inks and composite. 


Composition :Aliphatic polyether with acidic groups 

Specific gravity @ 20°C :ca. 1.05 g/cm3 

Appearance :Clear, yellowish liquid (turbid at low temperatures) 

Acid value :95-105 mg KOH/g 

Active ingredients :>98% 

Applications and usage: 


DELTA-DC® 4242 is a wetting and dispersing agent for inorganic and organic pigments; and fillers/extenders in solvent-based, solvent-free and water-based systems. The advantages are: 

    ●    Reduced grinding and dispersion time 

    ●    Improved gloss and flow 

    ●    Increased pigment loading in the mill-base or pigment concentrate enabling to achieve VOC levels below 250 g/l in highly filled solvent-based systems 

DELTA-DC® 4242 can be used in all solvent-based and solvent-free industrial and decorative coating systems. It is especially suitable for wetting, dispersion and stabilization of inorganic pigments and fillers in solvent-free systems. DELTA-DC® 4242 can also be used to decrease the viscosity in the mill- base or pigment concentrate when combined with high molecular weight dispersants. 

When used in water-based applications, it is recommended to neutralize DELTA-DC® 4242 with an amine to pH 7.5 - 8.0 to make it water-soluble. 

DELTA-DC® 4242 should be added prior to the dispersion process. 

2.0-4.0% on inorganic pigments or fillers/extenders 

5.0-7.0% on organic pigments 

Printing inks 

DELTA-DC® 4242 improves the pigment wetting and reduces the dispersion time of inorganic pigments (particularly Ti02) and a few organic pigments. Deflocculation of pigments when using DELTA-DC® 4242 can lead to improved gloss, rheology and levelling of the final ink. 

It has broad solvent compatibility and is suitable for use in both alcohol- and acetate-reduced nitrocellulose printing inks and pigmented bases. DELTA-DC® 4242 is well-suited to packaging flexographic applications. 

For best results, DELTA-DC® 4242 should be combined with the pre-blended liquid portion of the mill-base formulation before addition of the pigment. 

2.0-5.0% on inorganic pigments 

5.0-8.0% on organic pigments 


DELTA-DC® 4242 facilitates the incorporation of fillers and pigments in PVC-Plastisols and solvent- free epoxy floorings. Through this improvement of the dispersing process, a more homogeneous distribution of fillers/extenders and pigments is achieved. In addition, a strong viscosity reduction is obtained. The dispersing of organic pigments in plasticizers or other liquid phases can result in increased color strength. 

DELTA-DC® 4242 is especially suitable for wetting, dispersion and stabilization of inorganic pigments and fillers in solvent-free epoxy and polyurethane systems, like flooring or pipe-line coatings. 

DELTA-DC® 4242 should be mixed with the plasticizer prior to the addition of the fillers/extenders and pigments. 

2.0-4.0% on inorganic pigments and fillers/extenders 

5.0-7.0% on organic pigments 

Safety and Handling: 

DELTA-DC® 4242 should be handled in accordance with good industrial practice. Detailed information can be found in the Safety Data Sheet. 


DELTA-DC® 4242 should be stored in a cool dry place. When kept in an original unopened container, it will keep up to 5 years from the date of manufacture. The production date is indicated on the container. 


55 kg and 200 kg non-returnable metallic container. 

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