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DELTA-DC® 4010M 

DELTA-DC® 4010M is a wetting and dispersing additive for solvent-based coatings to improve pigment wetting, reduce the grinding time and stabilize the pigment dispersion. 

DELTA-DC® 4010M is suitable for stabilizing inorganic pigments and extenders in particular titanium dioxide, and strongly reduces mill-base viscosity. It reduces haze in inorganic pigmented coatings in electrostatic spraying applications.

DELTA-DC® 4010M is suitable for coatings and composite. 


Composition :Solution of an acidic polyester polyamide (anionic) 

Solvent(s) :Xylene/s-butanol 

Specific gravity @ 20°C :1.00-1.04 g/cm3 

Flashpoint :25 °C 

Appearance :Transparent, yellowish liquid 

Acid value :130-140 mg KOH/g 

Active ingredients :ca. 50% 

Applications and usage: 


DELTA-DC® 4010M is a conventional dispersant for solvent-based coatings to improve pigment wetting, reduce the dispersion time and increase gloss and flow. It is particularly suitable for stabilizing titanium dioxide and extenders. DELTA-DC® 4010M strongly reduces mill-base viscosity allowing high pigment loading. 

It is suitable for the following applications: 

●    General industrial coatings 

●    Transportation coatings (OEM and car refinish) 

●    Acid-catalyzed systems (e.g. coil coatings) 

●    PU sanding sealers (e.g. wood coatings - Extender pastes) 

DELTA-DC® 4010M reduces haze in inorganic pigmented coatings when application occurs by electrostatic spraying. 

DELTA-DC® 4010M should be added prior to the dispersion/grinding process. 

5.0-10.0% (delivery form) on inorganic pigments, including transparent iron oxides 

2.0-4.0% (delivery form) on TiO2 and extenders 


DELTA-DC® 4010M helps to wet and disperse extenders (CaCO3 and Al(OH)3) with unsaturated polyester resins or combinations with polystyrene, polyvinylacetate and styrene-butadiene copolymers. This results in: 

●    Easier incorporation of the extenders leading to reduced dispersing/grinding times 

●    Lower and stable viscosity of the pastes and therefore improved flow, higher filler loading and better flame retardance 

It is designed for filled SMC (sheet moulding compounds) and BMC (bulk moulding compounds), and also suitable for filled gelcoats. 

DELTA-DC® 4010M should be added to the resin system while stirring prior to the addition of the extenders. 

2.0-4.0% (delivery form) on extenders 

Safety and Handling: 

DELTA-DC® 4010M should be handled in accordance with good industrial practice. Detailed information can be found in the Safety Data Sheet. 


DELTA-DC® 4010M should be stored in a cool dry place. When kept in an original unopened container, it will keep up to 5 years from the date of manufacture. The production date is indicated on the container. 


50 kg and 180 kg non-returnable containers. 

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