"Ensuring safe production and operation, healthy and beautiful life"-Midas Group Corporate Theme Day

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"Ensuring safe production and operation, healthy and beautiful life"-Midas Group Corporate Theme Day

Safety production has always been a top priority for enterprise management. As one of the outstanding private chemical enterprises in Liaoshen area, Midas Group attaches great importance to the daily fire safety management of the enterprise, and regularly conducts relevant training and drills. The aim is to improve the fire awareness and fire skills of all employees, and to further popularize fire knowledge, so that employees can come to work safely and happily go home.


This fire training focused on explaining the use of fire fighting equipment, the physical and chemical characteristics of the company's main products, and fire prevention and suppression measures. It also trained all employees on high-rise building fire escape methods and daily household fire suppression measures and precautions. After the training, all employees were organized to conduct fire drills, so that each employee actually mastered the use of various types of fire equipment.


After the fire drill, Midas Group held the first "health and upward sunshine" fun activity competition in the employee activity area of the production base. Through this event, the group hopes to wipe out the repressed emotions since the epidemic, and urges everyone to maintain a mental state of physical exercise and healthy sunshine even if they cannot go out. Therefore, fun activities mainly include table tennis and billiards.


All competitions are based on outstanding teamwork, and the random draw + 2V2 elimination game is adopted. After a fierce competition in the afternoon, 6 pairs of players finally won the final victory + generous bonus.

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. In the past few months, we have experienced unprecedented joys and sorrows, and unexpected ups and downs in life. However, all employees of Midas Group will do their jobs as usual, diligently and down-to-earth, take every step; cherish everything around them, cherish their family and friends, and grateful for the company and platform that provided opportunities for themselves. The so-called "There is no hardship in the world, what use is my generation?" May we and Midas Group overcome all difficulties in the future and create a better tomorrow for ourselves and our family!

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