A letter to spring

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A letter to spring

Margaret Mead (1901-1978) is an American anthropologist and one of the most important scholars in the shaping of modern American anthropology.


Regarding Mead, a story has been circulating on the Internet: In a course on anthropology, Mead asked the students present: "What is the symbol of human civilization?" Some students answered that learning to use fire is a symbol of civilization. Other students said that the ability to use tools was the starting point of human civilization, and some said that they invented text and so on.

But Mead's answer is very intriguing. She said: "You are very reasonable, but it is not accurate. The mark of human civilization is a healing thigh bone."


"Healed thigh bones?" All the students were puzzled. "Yes." Mead explained: In nature, if an animal breaks the thigh bone, then the probability that it will continue to survive is very small. What was originally very simple has become extremely difficult. It will no longer be able to obtain food, may be hunted by natural enemies at any time, and even going to the river to drink water is very difficult.

And a piece of healing thigh bone shows that when a human is injured, other humans did not leave him alone, but took care of him carefully, distributed his own food to this injured person, and also protected him from beasts Injured because human beings know that they may be injured at any time and may need the care of others. This is psychologically empathy, which is also one of the important characteristics of humans that are different from other animals.

The spring of 2020, because of the impact of the virus, felts that it comes so hard. When the plague in our homeland raged, we were deeply touched by the help of others. "The green mountains are together with the rain and the rain, why was the moon two townships?" "Liaohe snow melts, Fushan flowers bloom; we stand together and looking for the spring "These timeless poems record the warm light of mutual love between humans in the darkest hours.

In history, human beings have faced extremely dangerous and dark moments many times, whether it is the pandemic of the Black Death; or when the two World Wars enemies at the gate,human beings as a community have burst out the most beautiful under extremely difficult circumstances. The light of humanity illuminates our future.


At this moment, the world was deeply torn by the raging plague. Not only the high number of deaths, global suspension of flights, economic shutdown, etc., but also the deepening of stereotypes and discrimination in people's minds. Originally, trends of thought such as trade isolationism, racism, Moneroism, etc. have risen in recent years. With the epidemic of the virus, the gap between countries and peoples has deepened. Therefore, what we have to do now is not to blame each other, to attack each other, or even to abuse each other, but to unite, like our human ancestors, to radiate the light of the Renaissance under the pain of the Black Death; In the Battle of the Somme, help each other with artillery fire to meet the enemy; breed hope of victory in the siege of Stalingrad!


We have thought about the appearance of spring for countless times, but never so good as the moment we stand under the blue sky and sunny together .Midas also misses our partners and good friends all over the world. Take care of your family, take good care of your body, take care of the people around you, because these are the things we care about and love together!





I wish you good health and family safety!
        Sizə cansağlığı və ailə təhlükəsizliyi arzulayıram!
        Ich wünsche Ihnen gute Gesundheit und Familiensicherheit!
        건강과 가족의 안전을 기원합니다!
         أتمنى لك صحة جيدة وسلامة عائلية!
         Ti auguro buona salute e sicurezza familiare!

Feng Xiang, a musician in Wuhan, once wrote a song "hanyangmen garden". The singing of Wuhan is not only the fireworks of city life, but also the mottled reflection of childhood memories. At the most dangerous time of the epidemic, Feng Xiang contacted musicians from all over the world to create a song together. In the song, musicians from different countries sing consolation for those who are suffering from the plague with their own language, and send blessings to those who have been struggling with the plague. I hope that we will meet again in the next spring, with only the leap of stars and the smile of waves in our eyes!

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