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As soon as 2020 arrives, a sudden epidemic completely disrupts the lives of people across the country. Behind the constantly changing numbers are painful souls tortured by the plague, and tragic memories of broken families.

Although mankind appears so vulnerable in the face of revenge from nature, the Chinese nation has never been defeated by any difficulties in history! At this moment, panic and blind obedience have no effect. Only by scientifically and rationally facing the epidemic, everyone can do everything every day, can they control the epidemic, and finally achieve the ultimate victory of the epidemic in this war. !!

As one of the outstanding private chemical companies in Liaoshen area, Midas Group is now actively involved in the epidemic prevention work in this area. For the police, street offices, community workstations, etc. that have been struggling on the front line of epidemic prevention, Midas sent epidemic prevention supplies such as masks and disinfection water for the first time, so that the "most loveable people" fighting in the front line have stronger protection. Midas will be your strongest backing!



I hope the Chaoyang will always shine on my soil, and don't forget the blood of the martyrs! Midas expresses his sincere blessings to all the people who are fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention! I wish you an early triumph! Come back safely! I also wish all my friends peace and happiness! An early victory over the epidemic, the victory belongs to the people!


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