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When I was a child, I felt that 2020 was so far away. I thought that by that time, the sky was full of flying cars. Human beings had colonized Mars for a long time. There was no more disease and war on the earth. Love and peace made everyone very happy...
But, the fact is that the baldness of the post-90s is getting more and more serious. The post-80s have soaked wolfberry every day with a thermos cup. There is no car in the sky. After we have toiled a small car, we still have to worry about whether the limit number will be tomorrow. Humans no longer look up at the starry sky, but just lower their heads into silly phones.

Humans seem to distort the science and technology tree. Technological progress does make our lives more convenient, but it makes us more anti-intellectual. It has given up the right to learn and think at the cost of cheap relaxation and joy. Perhaps this is what it is. Let's yell "Don't forget the original intention".

Through 2019, Midas has spoken for "China Smart Manufacturing 2025" at the European Coatings Exhibition in Nuremberg; it has also had wonderful cooperation with customers and friends in Egypt, the Middle East, Canada, Japan, Italy and other countries; more Lead all employees to experience the romance of the sea and the sky on Changshan Island. It is also because of the hard work of Midas that we have made the headlines of today's headlines as the representative of outstanding enterprises in Liaoning.

Every bit of the year, a moment of success and happiness, Midas thanked those I love and those who loved me. Only with your warm help and sincere care, can Midas make small progress! Let's meet 2020 together, the future is in sight!

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