CCTV International Online Channel Interview Report: Liaoning Enterprise Collection to Build an International Market

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In order to tell the story of Liaoning enterprises participating in the construction of the “Belt and Road”, spread the sound of Liaoning, real, three-dimensional and comprehensive display of the important achievements of Liaoning private enterprises under the “Belt and Road” initiative, Liaoning Province Federation of Industry and Commerce, Liaoning Province Development and In 2019, the Reform Commission and the International Online Liaoning Channel jointly launched a series of interviews on “Services, Belt and Road, I am the Endorsement of Liao Enterprise”.


International Online Liaoning Channel Report (Song Jun): According to customs data, since 2014, the total import and export volume of naphthenic acid of Shenyang Midas Import and Export Co., Ltd. ranks among the top five in the world, which is important in the international fine chemical market. The customers are from  Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other places.

Founded in 2001, the company is mainly engaged in the import and export of fine chemicals. The main products include naphthenic acid, isooctanoic acid, coating additives and talc powder. Based on the fine chemical industry, the company enjoys a high reputation in the international market. Recently, Sun Xingzhi, general manager of Shenyang Midas Import and Export Co., Ltd., accepted an exclusive interview with the international online Liaoning channel.

With a number of independent intellectual property rights and patent technology, leading the world

International Online Liaoning Channel: Business development in foreign countries, what kind of development ideas does the company follow? Can you tell us how the company works successfully and gain a foothold in foreign countries?

Sun Xingzhi: We have been responding to the call of the party and the state and actively practicing the development idea of “going out, bring in”. We have closely integrated relevant policies and vigorously developed the customers along the “Belt and Road” countries, and achieved certain achievements and progress.

The company's independently developed water-based drier series products are state-level scientific and technological innovations, with a number of independent intellectual property rights and patents, and the international level of technology. After learning about the “One Belt, One Road” policy, we actively researched the market. After more than one year of preparation, we successfully entered the ASEAN region and established business contacts with customers in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

At the same time, under the leadership of the Chemical Industry Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, our company participated in the European Coatings Exhibition held in Nuremberg, Germany in March 2019 as a member of the Chinese delegation. Through the exhibition, the company further expanded its naphthenic acid business and successfully entered Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom and other countries under the premise of the original EU customers. According to customs data, the company's import and export volume of naphthenic acid ranks among the top five in the world from 2016 to the present.

The company has always participated in international exhibitions such as EURO COATING, AISA COATING and CHINACOATING. We are one of the members of the Chinese delegation of the 2019 China Foreign Trade Promotion Association among those who participated in European Coatings Exhibition.

Integrity management is the best "passport" for walking overseas markets

International Online Liaoning Channel: Enterprises “going out” often face problems that are unfamiliar with local conditions and markets, which has also caused many companies failed. How do you make the company's development and local needs achieve a win-win situation?

Sun Xingzhi: Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the philosophy of “Based on honesty, customer-centered, and win-win”, and actively expands overseas markets. Although there are language and cultural differences, all employees of our company always put "integrity" in the first place, guarantee product quality, guarantee delivery speed, and guarantee timely and thoughtful after-sales service. Therefore, we have received local partners and the oversee customer's highly praise. Therefore, "integrity management, honesty and integrity" is the best "passport" for us to travel overseas.


Increase research and development efforts to expand more international market share

International Online Liaoning Channel: In the “going out” project, which business segments is the company? When expanding the market, in addition to obtaining economic benefits, has it also achieved technological upgrading or industrial iteration?

Sun Xingzhi: At present, we mainly use water-based drier series products and naphthenic acid series products as the main sectors to expand overseas markets.The water-based  drier series products have high technology content and meet environmental protection requirements. Under the premise of actively responding to climate change globally, our company's water-based series products have won wide acclaim in the ASEAN region. In the future, our company will continue to increase research and development efforts and strive to enter the European and American markets as soon as possible.

Naphthenic acid is one of the important raw materials in the field of coatings, lubricants and rubber. It has been widely used in the European and American markets. In the process of “going out”, we gradually mastered the whole industry chain ecology of the upstream and downstream of the product. At present, the company is cooperating with customers in the Middle East to introduce the latest environmentally-friendly and energy-saving production technology into China. It is expected that this new technology production line will be completed in our company's production base within two years.

Science and technology research and development as a guide to the European and American markets to prove strength

International Online Liaoning Channel: Is there a blueprint for globalization or internationalization in the future? What are the main objectives? What efforts will the company achieve?

Sun Xingzhi: In the future, our company will take science and technology research and development as the guide, and expand the European and American markets based on the existing market. The European and American markets are the bases of traditional multinational chemical companies. We must develop a series of water-based environmentally-friendly driers based on naphthenic acid products to prove our strength in the European and American markets. Within three years, we will open an EU branch in Europe, register EU trademarks and intellectual property rights, and make our contribution to the development of the industry.


Looking forward to more convenient policies to help enterprises develop

International Online Liaoning Channel: What issues need to be solved in the future development of the “going out” business? What issues need to be assisted or helped by the country?

Sun Xingzhi: In the future, if the actual operation level of import and export process, free trade zone policy and bonded warehouse construction is simpler and more flexible, it will make the intermediate cost of our enterprise more economical. At the same time, if the special bank loan for import and export enterprises can be further liberalized, The same type of corporate finance costs as our company will be cheaper.


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