Chairman Abulfaz Gafarov of Karvan-L Group Visited Midas

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On October 25th, Mr. Abufaz Gafarov, Chairman of Kelvin-L Group, and a group of 6 members of Midas Chemical Co., Ltd. visited the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce.The perpose of chairman of Gafarov came to Shenyang is  to understand the overall and regional development planning of Shenyang City, to know the market demand of the city in the field of chemical products, explore the further cooperation direction with Midas Chemical Co., Ltd., and to know the feasibility of projects such as the construction of business center in Shenyang.


In the afternoon of October 25, Deputy Director Piao Jingshan, Deputy Director Wang Hongxing, Foreign Trade Management Office and Investment Promotion Office met and met with the delegation. Deputy Director Piao Jingshan and Deputy Director Wang Hongxing welcomed the delegation's visit and briefly introduced the work function of the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce.


Deputy Director Paio Jingshan said that in recent years, under the guidance of Shenyang's strategy of revitalizing the old industrial base in the northeast of the country, economic construction is changing with each passing day. Especially since the city actively carried out the work of building an international business environment, the city's appearance has been completely new. New changes,new actions. Looking forward to Karvan-L Group to invest in Shenyang, and further cooperation with Midas Chemical Co., Ltd., has become an important driving force for the revitalization of the city.

Deputy Director Wang Hongxing also pointed out that Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce, as the working department of Shenyang Municipal Government, is responsible for the planning, organization, coordination and tracking services of the major projects of the city, and will fully cooperate with the chairman of Gafarov to realize the investment in Sheyang.

Mr.Abulfaz Gafarov, Chairman of Karvan-L Group, said that the current friendly and cooperative relations between China and Azerbaijan countries are developing rapidly, healthily and steadily. The cooperation between Kelvin-L Group and Shenyang enterprises has been very happy for many years. I hope Kelvin. The L Group can further take root in Shenyang and build a bridge of economic and trade cooperation between China and Azerbaijan.

Founded in 1993, Kelvin-L Group is the largest supplier of naphthenic acid in the region and the largest glass curtain wall and building contractor in the country. The Group has three factories and one industrial park. Its main products include lubricants, oil, additives and reagents used in heavy and light industry.

Since its establishment in 1993, the Group has been able to consistently provide high quality and competitive products to customers at home and abroad through continuous innovation and application of modern production technologies. The group has long-term cooperation with customers in Spain, China, Belgium and Russia.

In the next step, Investment Promotion III will follow up with the Foreign Trade Management Office to promote the Karvan-L Group investment in the Shenyang Business Center project and the trade cooperation project with Midas Chemical Co., Ltd.

Subsequently, Mr. Abulfaz Gafarov, Chairman of the Karvan-L Group, also vistited the Midas chemical production base and conunicated in-depth technical exchanges.

In the future, the two sides will continue to deepen cooperation in various fields such as naphthenic acid refining, petroleum purification, construction, and medical care. The cooperation between the two companies should be as long as the friendship between China and Azerbaijan.


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