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No long ago,The National Day holiday was over with great enthusiasm. I don’t know if you have discovered that even if it’s not National Day, other festivals are mostly related to the feelings of your home country.

It is not only a family reunion, but also a national celebration; most festivals are connected with love expressions,  the love of the love of the couple or the love of the country of culture.

Speaking of all kinds of love, the love of our country seems to be the most difficult to express.

Last week, Midas took the patriotic sentiment and held a large-scale patriotic team building activity of "My motherland and I" on Friday afternoon, October 18, 2019.

Speech contest

"What's Patriotism, why we should do it?"Such questions, each contestant tells their own unique insights, and expresses the sincere patriotic feelings. From the ordinary life, or from the past history.

"A single spark can start a prairie fire"; " If we pool our efforst together, we can achieve anything""Your county would be what you are"

"Why should we be patriotic because this country deserves our love."  The industrious and intelligent Chinese children have jointly opened up vast territory and created a splendid culture. As the mainstay of China's development in the new era, we should work tirelessly.

Theme weight race

True patriotism is not simply a shameful memory, not a simple commemorative ritual, not a lack of rational and extreme hatred, but a life-threatening, hard-working struggle; hard work, physical fitness; hard training skills, self-improvement; Enterprises become bigger and stronger, and work together to contribute to the country's economic construction!

Only when the economy continues to develop, can the national ontinue to be strong, and the security and national dignity of the country can be guaranteed!

Many people say that they don't know how to be patriotic, how can they do something for the country, but in fact, being yourself is a concrete manifestation of patriotism!Try hard to live and work hard to become a better self.

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