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Dry weather and fire prevention are key. For social security and personal safety, Midas Chemicals has established regulations for fire and fire prevention offices. We work in the office every day. There are many electric appliances such as air conditioners, computers, printers, photocopiers, etc. in the office. If used improperly, there will be fire hazards and life-threatening.

How should the office be fireproof?

  • Office electrical appliances are mostly powered by sockets. Do not take too many electrical appliances in one socket. The current in the contact parts of plugs and sockets is too large, which may cause heat and excessive temperature, which may cause fire.

  • Can not only use a small number of fixed sockets in the office, but should evenly load, to avoid the accelerated aging of a certain part of the socket, resulting in fire and leakage.

  • Computers and other smart appliances should be set to a power-saving mode to reduce power consumption and reduce heat generation; unused electrical equipment should also be turned off in time, otherwise it will have a certain impact on the service life of the equipment, and will greatly increase the fire. The chance.

  • When you get off work, you should pay attention to turning off the power of all equipment in the office in time to avoid the nighttime power load being reduced and the voltage rising, causing fire.

  • Try not to use heaters, electric oil heaters, electric kettles and other high-power electrical appliances in the office, if you use, do not leave people, and use quality electrical switches, to repair the electrical lines, to prevent excessive load Fire.


In case the fire still meets unexpectedly, we must remember:

  • When the fire strikes, you must escape quickly and don't be greedy for property.

  • family members usually need to understand the basic methods of grasping fire escape, familiar with several escape routes.

  • When threatened by fire, it is necessary to take the opportunity to smear the soaked clothes, bedding, etc., and rush out in the direction of safe exit.

  • When you escape through thick smoke, try to keep your body close to the ground and cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel.

  • the body is on fire, do not run, you can roll on the spot or use heavy clothing to suppress the fire.

  • in the case of fire, you can not take the elevator, you must escape to the direction of the safe exit.

  • When the fire is outdoors, when the door is hot, do not open the door to prevent the fire from entering the room. Use the soaked bedding, clothing, etc. to block the doors and windows, and splash water to cool down.

  • If all escape routes are blocked by fire, immediately return to the room, send a distress signal to the window with a flashlight, waving clothes, calling, etc., waiting for rescue.

  • do not blindly jump off the building, you can use the evacuation stairs, balconies, drains, etc. to escape, or tear the sheets, quilt into strips into a rope, tightly tied to the window frame, iron railings and other fixtures, slide down the rope , or down to the unfired floor to escape the danger.

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