Mr. Tarek,CEO of Delta Specialties visits Midas Chemical

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Mr. Tarek, CEO of the Canada Delta Specialties visited Midas Chemical Co., Ltd. on 26th, Aug.He communicated with our general manager, deputy general manager, marketing director, etc., on the current market situation and future standardized and specified cooperation between tow companys.

First day, Mr.Tarek visited the Shaling Industrial Park of Midas, and we have freindly talk there.  Our General Manager led Mr. Tarek visited the production shop. During the meeting, the marketing director introduced the situation and marketing condition of the coating and additives industries.The general manager introduced the advantages of our company's products and the related technologies of production, and then they had deeply communication on them.


Summarize the brilliant achievements of the past

Next, Mr. Tarek visited our head office,which located on Qingnian Street, we discussed about the current market situation and global trade situation, and proposed new developed direction. In future, we will adjust our market stratety and refined and deepened our cooperation mode to lay a foundation for future development.In the future, we both will facus on the research and development of basic technology and water-based coating. We also will enhance our cooperation on technology and human scource communication.


General manager Mr. sun and Mr. Tarek

Back in history, we met because of common desire; Instead of indulging in the glorious scenes created together, look only at the present and long-term future.

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