Six months of expectation

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The sea breeze slowly blows the girl's long hair; the waves cluster and kiss the visitors'feet.The first half of 2019 has passed, after half year’s hardworking, we—Midas team and our families  finally ushered in our team building trip. Our destination is Dachangshan Island in Dalian.

On the morning of June 28, 2019, All staff and our family, filled with expectation and happiness, got ready and started for the wonderful trip.

A heart that wants to spread joy can no longer be controlled

After five hours trip (bus-ferryboat -bus), we arrived our destination: Changshan Island.

Beautiful sea on the way

Greedy sea gull, Broad sea waves

Changshan Island

Dachangshan Island is located among the Changshan Islands, which are the national Forest Park, Provincial Scenic Spots and One of the Fifty Beautiful Scenic Spots in Liaoning Province.On the Island,there is fresh air, clear water,soft sand, green trees. The forest coverage rate is as high as 63%, which has the reputation of "Natural Oxygen Bar".

Seafood Feast

The tired journey wasn’t terrible, because the seafood feast was waiting for us.Shrimp, oyster, squid, sea urchin ect, all sea food are so delicious.  It  makes  our mouth water only  one glance .on them.In order to get better energy for next day’s beach football game, our principle is “eat as much as you can”.The laughter can be heard from time to time in the night near the beach.


Drinking and dancing around the campfire

Beach football

The highlight of next days is the 6th Midas Beach Football Game!Wearing Midas uniform clothes, after friendly greetings before the game, the referee ordered! The game officially began!The game was extremely intense, and the score was so closed. Some guys were injured slightly, but they insist in finishing the game.Finally, after 2 hours’ fighting, the winner team was decided. Everyone got 100RMB as bonus.

Free time

After intense games, we can follow the sea breeze to the seaside or to the surrounding islands to enjoy different scenery.A restless heart in the city is now comforted by the beautiful scenery

Through the team building activities in Changshan Island, the team cohesion of Midas has been enhanced and the sense of team belonging of all members of Midas has been strengthened.

Every family member of Midas is get ready to meet the challenges of the second half of the year!


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