This Dragon Boat Festival is unusual

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Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival in the historical development and evolution of a variety of folk customs as a whole.  There are many customs, but different district have different contents and details.

Every year, around the Dragon Boat Festival, dragon boat RACES ,hanging wormwood and calamus , making zongzi, nine lions worshiping elephants and performing draught dragon, etc., are held all over the country.

The Festival is coming, which is another good festival scene.In modern urban, the festival atmosphere is not  as  strong as before, but we have the same expectation.

looking forward to the health of the family, to a smooth career, to the achievement of the goals as  soon as possible, and to more happiness and less sorrow in the life.Certainly, our recent happiness comes from the oncoming short vocation.

It seemed normal, but it hides big event in it.

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They are the same date for the Dragon Boat Festival and College Entrance Examination


This makes me recall the scene of my Examination years ago.The surging summer heat and sticky air, we need to control our inner restlessness,but also longing the oncoming freedom uncontrollably.

The College Entrance Examination is just a start point but not the only one.There are countless paths in life. I hope you have all made the most satisfactory choice.

All staffs from Midas hope you enjoy the vocation, and all students will get offer from your ideal college.

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