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2019 First Quarter and Half Year Summary and Commend Meeting 

On May 08, 2019, 14 Pm, all staff of Midas attended the “2019 First Quarter and Half Year Summary and Commend Meetin”  in the production base in Shaling Industry Park. The meeting opened with warm applause.

The main purpose of the meeting is summarize the problem from the previous work, commend excellent staff, clarify the business model, way of sale, key jobs of many department such as R & D department...


Take “The second line serves the first line”as principle, the group deployed the work focus and requirements.


Push the process of the important works, innovating , working hard to insure the accomplishment of the annual target with highly quality.

Quarterly work summary

First, the vice general manager made the summary of the first quarter’s sales performance, and announce the relevant bonus and punishment. The true purpose is not punishment, is to encourage us to keep moving forward.

Then, the marketing director summarized the working of all the departments and pointed out the existing problems from the branch offices in Guangdong and shandong, R&D department and foreign department, then he suggested the methods of improvement.


The most urgent job is increase the strength of sales. On the basis of well maintaining  of existing clients, we should develop new market and new clients to get better sales achievement.


It’s no doubt that our key job of the second half of this year is the preparation and attending the CHINACOAT in Shanghai. We should prepare for it sufficiently, take this opportunity to renew our resources and enlarge our brand influence.


Meanwhile, the CFO added some problems from the financial perspectives,. He said most staffs were not clear the financial process. Reminded every one should pay attention to every link. Finishing the work according to the requirement is the best method to improve oneself.

Commend excellent staffs

The good development of the company can’t be separated from the common effort of all staffs.On this meeting, some staffs who have made outstanding contributions to the company, were awarded by cash.


Sales pioneer award


Excellent staff award


Excellent management award

Excellent staff stands for  excellent strength. Hope you can keep working hard and striding forward.

Reloaded , start again

Finally, the general manager make a summary for first half of this year on the whole running condition of the company.

In the first half of 2019, our company have undergone the difficulties and challenges that we never met’s the emergency that make us realize our insufficient.

We should learn meditation about sales, and understand the market deeply. On the firm-wide level, we should enhance the conception and construction of agriculture, project and finance businesses. We will try our best to spur after long accumulation and reach the peak again in the second half of this year.

At the same time, he also emphasized the “family culture”: share weal and woe together. Make emotional connection a prerequisite for communication and work.

The caterpillar endured long darkness before breaking the cocoon into a butterfly and fly freely. Midas has new friends and new opportunities in first half, so we decided to face those obstacles on our way bravely.

In future, let see our progressive growth together!

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