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While we are enjoying the sunshine and breathing the air, Please don’t forget all these are the selfless gift from the earth.


4.6 billion years ago, A blue planet was born in the vast universe, it’s she who breeds colorful lives.

Today, she still breeds our human beings after 4.6 billion years, but she is not so young.


These years , the earth is slowly being nibbled away by a series of pollution problems: climate warming, acid rain spreading, serious desertification and the pollution on the air and water,which have been realized by us long time ago.


Massive discharge*


Marine litter*

All this is warning us: human beings are destroying themselves while destroying the earth's environment. Today( Feb,22nd) is the 50th World Earth Day.

The topic is “cherish the beautiful earth, guard natural resources”.  The purpose is to guide the public to have the concepts of “green water and mountains worth everything” and “harmony between humankind and nature”. At least, we should do some small simple things for the earth:

Save electricity

Please power off the computer after work and turn off the lights and air-conditioning after using. Unplug after the phone is charged. To save one kilowatt hour electricity, it can be used to produce 16 Kgs flour or 15 bottles of beer or Irrigate wheat 0.14 mu or weave cloth 8.7-10 meters.


Low-carbon transportation

The air pollution mainly comes from the industrial waste gas, the life coal-burning ,automobile exhaust and so on, which is very harmful to the health of human beings, animals and plants. Therefore, we should try our best to use clean energy, low-carbon life, green travel, and protect every inch of green vegetation around us


Garbage classification

One ton of wasted plastic can refine 600kgs diesel oil. To recycle one ton of wasted paper can be used to produce 800kgs new paper,then 17 trees will be saved. After one ton of cans are smelted to aluminium block, 20tons of aluminium ore can be saved. The implementation of garbage classification can effectively reduce the land and air pollution, but also reduce the heavy metal pollution in the land, and return more land to human beings.


Save water

Every drop of water comes from the earth, every drop of water is worth our treasure. In our daily life, please turn off the tap after using, wash the dishes or water plants with rice washing water. Using the kitchen towel to wipe off the grease before cleaning dishes.


Caring for the earth, every bit is a small matter of life, very single man should be responsible for it.

MIDAS never dare to forget the selfless giving from our mother earth.Environment protection, green are always the core of our development. From the purchasing of material to waste discharge, from the product processing to the specific use, Each link thoroughly implements the safe environmental protection idea.

In order to better fit the concept of progress, MIDAS developed new water-based Driers:



Better solubility and stability is the green indicators that we constantly pursue.

From today on, do more a little bit, our life will be better and better!

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