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A Three Days Euro Coatings Show (ECS 2019) has been closed on March 21st, 2019 in the Exhibition Center of Nuremberg, Germany.


The Coatings Show is short, but we gain a lot:

Our feelings

We still never forget the excited feelings of the first sight of Nuremberg. We really know the truly meaning of “Here we are”, while the flight landed at the airport. Different from the air and sun of our hometown, it has difference earth and people, strange but warm. We join them with the yearning for the wonderful trip.


It is worthy to mention that the “Garbage Classification Project” inGermany. Here we realize the importance of environment protect deeply, and willing to put into practice. Take care of our homeland together is the same with our enterprise culture.

Certainly, we also take many beautiful pictures here. Please appreciate!

OUR Harvest

During the Show, we have business negotiation with more than 100 clients fromArgentina,Australia, Czech,Turkey,Spain,Greece ,Germany and so on.

Our products are well received, especially for the new water-based additives and Naphthenic acid. This show helped MIDS’s products to enter European market preliminarily.

MIDAS Star Products


We have been to Shandong, Shanghai and Guangzhou to enjoy picturesque scenery. We also appreciated the snowing of Soul, and the Style of Sumatra on the twin towers of Kuala Lumpur. Visiting Nuremberg is the first step to travelling around the world for MIDAS, it’s also the biggest enterprise plans in the beginning of 2019. The perfect start will be the stable foundation for the next every step. Look forward our bright future!

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