The Wandering Earth--Europe

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My friend has left the west where towers Yellow Crane,

For River Town while willow done and flowers reign.
His lessening sail is lost in the boundless azure sky,
Where I see but the endless river rolling by.


The term “wandering” once represented loneliness and melancholy, but now “wandering” has a hint of longing and romance, representing poetry and distant place that we have never been to in everyday life.

Following the footsteps of Midas, we not only hang around in the domestic cities of Tsingtao, Shanghai, Guangzhou, but also witnessed the winter snow in Seoul, South Korea, the Sumatra style in the twin towers of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
and the melancholy and poetic sea breeze on the coast of Baku.

This time, Midas will set foot on the heart of the European continent--Nuremberg, Germany, to experience the humanistic care and commercial atmosphere of the oldest city in Europe.


From March 19 to 21, 2019, the three-day EURO COATING 2019 SHOW will be held in Nuremberg, Germany. Midas will participate in this biennial industry event with the Chinese delegation. This time we will look forward to your arrival at booth 9-140b in Hall 9.

Nuremberg Exhibition Center Floor Plan:


Floor plan of Hall 9:



At this Euro Coating Show, Midas will not only bring traditional products such as high-quality naphthenic acid and high-grade talc powder, but also a new series of water-based driers, the ULTIDRY® 616A WS series.This is the first time that China’s environmentally friendly paint drier has entered the European market, which has great historical and political significance.


In the past, we were poor and weak, and even the most basic screws could not be produced. We could only rely on importing “foreign nails”. But after 40 years of reform and opening up, our enterprises are gradually rising, and Midas is at the forefront of the times. It has become one of the first outstanding private enterprises in China to take the lead in mastering core technology. The entry of this new environmentally-friendly water-based additive into Europe is the result of years of accumulation by Midas and also a successful case of “China Industry 4.0”. Our small step, though may be insignificant, but it has succeeded in helping the great plan of “China Intelligent Manufacturing 2025”.


We will see you in Nuremberg, Germany in March.


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