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Midas Chemical 2018 Annual Summary and Opening Conference


In the busy and hasty growth, we spent a full and challenging year of 2018. At the end of the year, the Midas Group held its 2018 annual summary and opening conference at the production base in Shenyhang Shaling Industrial Park, aiming at summarizing the work of the past year, deploying the work of 2019, and sharing the Group’s future development plan.


All the participants spoke one by one, summed up their main work in 2018, and found out the problems that arise in daily work. The most important thing is to put forward new goals and requirements for the work in 2019. The host asked all employees to compare their performance with that of two years ago, for example, whether your ability has been improved a lot, whether you have become more mature in dealing with problems, and whether your relationship with colleagues and family is more harmonious? All employees gave a positive response, proving that everyone in the Midas group is making progress and the company is happy to provide such a platform for the growth of everyone. Although busy at work, all the effort is worthwhile and rewarding. The enterprise is integrated by each individual. Only the continuous improvement of the employees can bring the success of the enterprise. In the future, Midas will grow together with all the employees as always.


After that, the conference host made a keynote speech of “Win Wars 2019”, which focuses on the analysis of current economic situation in the Liao-Shen area and the future trend. It is a very difficult year for SMEs in 2018, and it will be more difficult in 2019. However, the Midas team successfully grasped the economic trend and correctly adjusted the industrial structure within the group, laying a solid foundation for the future development of the enterprise. Meanwhile, after the whole year’s temper in 2018, Midas now has an invincible team of workers. They work tirelessly and have successfully completed the construction of many major projects.


In response to the economic situation in 2019, Midas management has established a business strategy based on sales and adhering to project construction. Therefore, for the sales plan of 2019, the executive vice president of the group carried out a detailed plan and implemented the sales target to each salesperson. According to the monthly and quarterly assessments, the salary and treatment of all sales personnel are closely related to their sales performance. The reward is not capped and the penalty is not limited. The purpose is to encourage the strong. Only the success of every salesman will have the future development of the group.


2018 is gone, I miss her very much. In 2019, we shall work for our expectations in joint efforts.  Finally, the editor has a line of a poem from the English poet Shelley to share with you--“When Winter comes, can Spring be far behind". May all your wishes come true, may all go well with you. And wish you all a happy New Year in advance. 


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