Walked through 2018

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Time is like the water under the bridge, while on the bridge people and things are busy debuting, or gradually fade out, and they don’t care about the passage of time like water. In 2018, we sent away many masters of human thought and civilization. Their thoughts and works once led the human progress like a lighthouse, or they have stirred our souls in the era of our high spirits.


In 2018, we gained pain, joy and happiness. It may be the first cry of a baby, or a small success after thousands of failures on the entrepreneurial road, or just a dinner with family after a hard day.


The Washington Post of the United States once rated the “Top Ten Luxury Goods” as nothing related to matter.


1. The consciousness of life

2. A free, joyful and loving heart

3. Courage to travel all over the world

4. Return to nature, have the ability to connect with nature

5. Stable and peaceful sleep

6. Enjoy the space and time that truly belongs to you

7. Soul mates who love each other deeply

8. There’s someone who really knows you at any time

9. Good health, rich inside

10. Be able to infect and raise others’ hopes


Perhaps in the face of death, people would have an epiphany of life, and would cherish the moment. As a human being, only if you traveled far will you understand what freedom is, what love is, and what true happiness is.


Full and peaceful sleep is the best enjoyment. You have no physical pain or psychological burden. You can get along well with the world, live in harmony with nature, learn and exercise self-discipline, and you will have a healthy and rich heart. You will inspire or infect others, not through your rights or money, but the inner charisma.


2019 we hope to spend a meaningful year.


Walked through 2018, Midas Chemical, with a grateful heart, wishes to all the friends who helped us a Happy New Year. Hope that all of us will be healthy and happy in the new year with flourishing career and life.


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