Cooperation and Sharing to Win the Future

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China COAT 2018 was a complete success.



As a grand industry event, this three-day show gathered guests from all over the world and has come to a successful conclusion.


In this show, Midas Chemical cooperated with DELTA from Egypt and Foshan Skela Chemicals,  and successfully made many new friends from all over the world, and successfully launched our new water-based products to the market.At this moment, Midas Chemical’s foreign trade team and various branch teams are working hard  to distribute samples, contact customers, and strive to have our products appear at the user’s desk as soon as the show is over.



During the show, Midas not only got to the latest cutting-edge technology in the industry, but also  came into contact with the advanced management system and marketing model. As a traditional heavy industry, the chemical coatings industry has entered the bottleneck stage. Many peers feel that the growth is weak, confirmed habits are hard to get rid of, and the burden is aggravated.


In this context, a new generation of practitioners with the spirit of the Internet has proposed a platform-based, networked thinking such as shared sales network, shared market channels, and shared labs. In the future, Midas Chemical will work with dealers and partners at all levels in South China to develop new areas of traditional industries.



After years of development, Midas has developed into a group enterprise integrating chemical industry, construction, trade, education and finance, with the advantage of building a whole industry chain platform. Focusing on resources integration, cooperation and sharing as the direction for future development, Midas will use the most suitable entry point to let the traditional industry evoke new vitality under the idea of the Internet.



2018 is nearly over, in which we have been overcoming all obstacles and benefited a great deal. Now the promising 2019 is out there waiting for us. The China COAT next year will be held in Shanghai in November, and Midas will serve you with cutting-edge technologies and the best service.



The most important thing is that we will participate in the Euro Coating 2019 Show from March 19th to 21st, 2019. See you in Nuremberg, Germany by then.


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