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With the overwhelming publicity, Jack Ma chose to announce to abdicate the chairmanship of Alibaba’s board of directors on Teacher’s Day. In the letter to the public, there are a few words that are particularly worthy of ruminating, especially for all Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises, including “this indicates that Alibaba has completed the upgrade of corporate system  from relying on personal traits to relying on organizational mechanisms and talent system”.



Remember when, every entrepreneur has been bravely rushing forward, contributing youth, passion and health to the development of his own business. However, when it reached a certain stage, he suddenly found that his own upper limit determines the upper limit of the enterprise, his own preferences determine the company’s preferences and culture, thus limiting the company’s development. Midas Chemical has a deep and clear understanding of this, so it has begun a company-wide reform and upgrade since last year.


First of all, at the beginning of this year, the new ERP system was successfully launched, and there is more powerful data support for internal control of the enterprise. Later, in September this year, the pilot project of performance appraisal reform was first introduced at the production base. After two weeks of reform and piloting, the Midas production base has been improved by leaps and bounds from various aspects such as factory appearance, environmental sanitation, and safety management. At the same time, the problems in daily management have been dealt with in a timely manner. For the difficulties encountered in the reform, three “speeds of light” are to be achieved, namely, speed of light decision, speed of light execution, and speed of light correction.


In the future, Midas will focus on the reform of marketing section and the construction of branch offices, because it is useless to produce the best products if there is no good sales. Jack Ma said that to build Alibaba into a 102-year-old company, Midas also has the vision of building a “100-year chemical group”, all of which rely on a steady stream of talent resources, so the core of the reform for Midas is still to provide a stage for employees to perform and glow.



Finally, on the special day of Teacher’s Day, Midas Chemical borrowed a sentence from Sima Yi: “I came along only see friends and teachers, no enemies”. Bless all the teachers who have helped and concerned the development of Midas a Happy Teacher’s Day.

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