Fighting high temperatures, fighting hot summer! Our workers have power!

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Fighting high temperatures, fighting hot summer! Our workers have power!

Midas Chemical Group 2018 Semi-annual Summary Conference

On June 30, 2018, Midas Chemical Group held its 2018 semi-annual summary meeting at the production base in Shaling Industrial Park.


The meeting focused on the gains and losses of the Group's work in the first half of the year, and summarized the work according to the department. During the first half of the year, the general manager of the group affirmed the work of all employees in the first half of the year, but also raised many questions, especially for the branch offices in different places. Because the company is developing, it must look at the problem from a development perspective. Using the previous methods to manage enterprises and develop markets, the Group has now developed into a large-scale enterprise integrating production, R&D, sales and import and export. It is necessary to meet the requirements of large and medium-sized multinational enterprises and require employees.


At the same time, the general manager requires each employee to improve their individual learning ability, constantly enrich themselves and strengthen their business level. Only every employee is excellent, and there is an excellent enterprise! Although the personal summary of all the employees attending the meeting was not necessarily comprehensive, they all found the problems of the company and itself. In the future, the work summary meeting of the Midas Group will be held as scheduled at the end of each quarter. The meeting will be summarized according to departments and lines. The personal summary of each employee will be more standardized, digitized and graphed, and the standards of multinational enterprises will be reduced. Start!

After the meeting, all employees immediately invested in the production of naphthenic acid with the highest enthusiasm. This Midas Group imported more than 160 tons of naphthenic acid from abroad, which is the largest round of naphthenic acid trade in the Liaoning region up to the present 2018. It has been highly valued and cared by the relevant leaders of the Yuhong District Government of Shenyang City and the Shaling Industrial Park. All employees are not afraid of high temperature and heat, working overtime, and over-completed the work of unloading and unloading. The whole production process is efficient and orderly, which embodies the high organization and discipline of the Midas workers. It is highly praised by the local government leaders and the community!


In the second half of the year, the Midas Group will focus on the naphthenic acid business and vigorously expand the international and domestic markets, while continuing to deepen the original auxiliaries business. On the way to the stars and seas, we will move forward!

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