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World Cup special (2)

1A crumble Chariot

Half of the World Cup schedule is a few happy ones. Many fans have experienced the most exciting ups and downs in their lives in the past two months. They watched their beloved team be eliminated. Some fans will be angry or disappointed. Even a lot of fans who have paid a lot of money have flashed the scenery on the rooftops in their brains. Among these eliminated teams, the failure of several traditional tycoons is the most embarrassing, and more worthy of taste and analysis.

The first is the defending champion Germany. As one of the teams with the highest number of victories before the game, the German team received the highest attention, and it is estimated that it is also one of the teams with the most fans in China. But in the three group matches, the poor performance made people stunned. People are asking, where did the original Jagged Deutsche go?


Throughout the three group matches, the German team has a high ball control rate on the technical level, but 50% is meaningless. In the face of the opponent's iron barrel defense, there is no change in the offensive rhythm. Out of the "W" type of attack. Head coach Loew and stubbornly used the hot Gomez and Brant in the league as a substitute. The tactics were sluggish and there was no change. All the opponents were able to understand, even the pseudo-fans could guess Loew’s Substitution adjustments, so the German team's offensive problems, mainly in the head coach.


From the perspective of Zhuge Liang after the event, Loew's selection and employment did have a big problem. Werner, as a cutting-edge forward in Germany in recent years, has one of the best skills and abilities, but in the club, Werner as a single arrow The striker adapts to the tactics of Leipzig RB's quick counterattack, and the active running of the midfield teammates can also stimulate Werner's enough space for activities. But after coming to the national team, Werner obviously did not cooperate with his teammates. In the 90% of the game in Germany, 10 players were in the opponent's half, and the opponent's defensive formation was squeezed very tightly. Na also lost the space for the sprint; at the same time, the teammates of the national team are constantly on the tiki taka, they are standing still, they lose the space, and Werner’s ability to grab the spot is not outstanding. So we can only see him taking the ball to the bottom line again and again, or else going out of bounds, or else it is a desperate pass.

At this time, the German fans will miss the Wagner who lost the game. Wagner has a strong sense of smell and a strong body. The German team can basically send a good ball in the midfield. Imagine sending Wagner and Gomez at the same time. The situation, it is estimated that the guards of the world must be confused: Are you playing football or basketball? Gomez is experienced and has the ability to take the ball back to the gate. It should be second only to the strongest center of the world, Lewandowski. He has the ball in the penalty area and Wagner will have a lot of opportunity to goal.

The problem of not working with teammates also appeared on Draxler. In the big Paris, the position of Druid has gradually been marginalized, and the playing time is gradually decreasing. It has been very strange to squeeze out Sane at the beginning, and Draxler’s performance is indeed “not to live up to expectations”. All kinds of wasted opportunities in front of the door, low ability to grab points, and no contact with teammates. If it is Sane, at least the German team's side speed can be brought up. Even if there is no self-destruction or threatening pass after the break, the opponent's defender will be more focused on defense and give up the intention of attack.


The above is only an analysis of tactics and personnel, and the most important problem of this German team is the lack of team spirit. In the past, when the German team faced difficulties and desperation, there would always be one or two people standing up, or turning around, or trying to encourage teammates. Although football is a team sport, the hero of the team is indispensable. In history, Beckenbauer, Matthaus, Bremer, Kahn, Barak and even Schweinsteiger and Lahm are symbols of the iron spirit of German football. In this session, Tony Kross is already the core of the team at the technical level, but the spiritual level is still far from enough. When the first scene was against Mexico, it was his lack of calmness and erratic play that led to the loss indirectly. The performance of the second Tony was worthy of the title of the hero of the team. It was his free kick that saved the German team from the edge of the cliff. If the last German victory, maybe the spirit and psychology of Cross will have greater growth, but there is no such thing in the world. In the future, Germany wants to regain the iron spirit, and it is possible to establish a core with iron-spirited spirit. The weight.


However, the future of the German team is still worth looking forward to. They have the best youth training system in the world, with profound knowledge, talented people, players like Sane, Brant, Werner, Gretzka, Jule, Rudy, etc. The future is still promising. The only pity is that Reus will be 33 years old in the next World Cup. If there is no hot state, the Rockets World Cup may be over. In addition, the latest news is that Loew will continue to serve as the head coach of the German team. It seems that the Germans’ enthusiasm has come up again, and Sanet’s psychology is definitely a galloping horse. . .


2. The city head changes the king flag

Only new people laughed, and who heard the old people cry. Things are always evolving and changing, and the replacement of sports competition is even more cruel. From 2008, Spain won the European Cup, and in 2010 Spain at South Africa became the king. Tiki taka (transportation and control tactics) gradually became the mainstream style of the world's top teams. At the club level, Barcelona, Bayern, or the national team's Spain, Germany. They are all emphasizing that the ball is controlled at the foot and constantly transmitting in a small range. Even the Chinese national football team under the hands of Lippi is learning tiki taka.


Just as the fans around the world were about to become sleepy by tiki taka, a fierce collision between France and Argentina made people shine. Argentina is the symbol of tiki taka tactical Latin genre. Messi is the tactical core of Barcelona and Argentina tiki taka. In the group stage, Argentina was grounded by Iceland and Croatia. After the game met France, it was thoroughly Break the original shape.


I think in the next few years, this classic showdown will be repeatedly mentioned because this game represents the collision of two completely different football concepts. The French team is the representative of the new football style. They are different from tiki taka. The new football concept encourages physical confrontation. There is no dazzling traffic control. It requires fast shooting and high-level smashing. The 11 players on the field have their physical fitness. First-class power and speed. At the same time, the range of running is extremely large, and the physical defense of the opponent's defense and midfield players is spared, making the rhythm on the field faster and the scene more intense. The club level is represented by Klopp's Liverpool. At the national team level, Deschamps has implemented his will and tactics into the French team. If the French team can observe discipline and has no guilt, then the French team will be the strongest in this World Cup. Champion contender.


At the same time, the elimination of Spain and Portugal proves the decline of the traditional tiki taka genre, while Croatia and Uruguay integrate well with the power and speed of the new style, Modric, Manjukic; Cavani and Suya play It will determine the final limit of the "new" of these World Cups. In addition, there are teams from Brazil, Belgium, England, etc. They also play new footballs with a combination of technology and speed and strength. The rest of the World Cup will be more intense and exciting! And the final destination of the Hercules Cup will be more suspenseful!


The next issue will talk to you about the gaming companies, sponsors, broadcasters and football. It’s not like this article is all analysis, so many non-fan friends feel "too long to see", I hope everyone continues Support me, continue to support Midas Chemical! I wish everyone a happy trip! The lottery is bought completely! The villa is completely renovated!


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