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World Cup special (1)

Are you ready? ! Four years of waiting, only for this summer's passion and madness! The World Cup will open in the beautiful Moscow in one day . Are you ready as a senior fan or pseudo-fan?


Why is football as the world's number one sport fascinating the population of more than 1.5 billion people in the world? In Xiao Bian's opinion, it is a heroic complex. Each of us has had a heroic dream when we were young. hoping that we can have an imposing manner, or the ability to pull the storm in the end of the world. However, as we grew older, we discovered that after all, it was just like thousands of ordinary people. There was no difference. However, the heroes who yearn for heroes and worship heroes have been buried in our inner corners.
So when you see the players on the court, for their team to fight hard, despite being knocked down again and again, but never give up hope, never give up in the final moments of the game, and eventually defeated the powerful opponent. At this time, some fans will cheer, and even some fans will burst into tears, because the inner heroes in this moment has gained a great sense of identity and release.


The World Cup stadium extended this feeling of infinite expansion of the 1986 World Cup. At the time of the Falklands War in 1982, Argentina was spotted by the British all over the country. This directly led to the downfall of the military government, the chaotic domestic economy, and the unpleasant employment rate. In an afflicted state, the people and the new government all hope that the good news will boost the national morality. Diego Maradona turned out to be the first in the group stage to draw a 1-1 draw with Italy to ensure that the team's top players qualify. Then, in the quarter-finals against England, Maradona scored a goal with "God's Hand" and then held the ball in the midfield. After six players, they crossed the goalkeeper and scored the World Cup. One of the most exciting goals in history, send England directly home! At that moment, Maradona was Argentina’s national hero because he was arrogant for Argentina on the court!


The same was true of the 1990 World Cup in Italy four years later. The Germans rejoiced over the Berlin Wall. However, many Germans in the system felt helpless and lost. Many young people in West Germany are full of the future. Fear (the Soviet Union has not disintegrated, Germany was facing a huge threat of war). At this time, it was football and the World Cup that brought hope and solidarity to this country. The West German team was reluctant. The team had Matteus, Bremer, Klinsmann, Voll, Buehwald, Lit Barski, Corleil, and Hassler, among others, led by coach Kevin Baller, they defeated Yugoslavia (4:1), the Netherlands (2:1), and Czechoslovakia (1). :0) and England (120 minutes 1:1, penalty 4:3), broke into the finals.


Interestingly, the Germans faced the old rival Argentina in the finals. At the Mexico City Independence Stadium four years ago, the Germans played to the end, but in the final 6 minutes of the game, they were "God" Maradona's one. The free kick was completely killed by the foot, losing the champion 2 to 3 in the end. However, the Germans have always been where they fell and they stood up. Four years later in the Roman Arena, they were not just fighting for themselves. They represented the newly unified German, the German people want their team to be new. Countries bring new hope! In the final, the Argentines also played to the final. In the second half, Wooler drew the ball into the penalty zone. The Argentine defender tripped him. The German team scored a penalty and was hit by Bremer. 1-0, this time, tenacious The German laughed to the end!


We adore strong people and appreciate heroes, so we love the World Cup. In the coming month, Xiao Bian will always be with all friends who like football. Although my comments are not necessarily professional, they will also be updated from time to time. The story on the sidelines, or introduce some interesting news between football and chemical industry, I hope everyone watching the ball pay attention to the body and work hard. Finally, I wish Xiaobian's favorite German team can successfully defend the championship! See you in Moscow!


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