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2018 Midas Chemical's trip to Dandong

Midas Chemical has achieved outstanding performance in the first half of 2018. The turnover of naphthenic acid in its main business continued to set a new record. Traditional businesses such as driers and talcum powder are still moving forward steadily; the construction of corporate teams is also improving, especially production. The base’s industrial workforce has reached a level where the old and new collocations are reasonable, staffing is neat, and team cooperation is tacit. All of this is inseparable from the hard work and hard work of every employee. Therefore, the general manager decided to use weekend time to reward everyone for collective travel.
On the afternoon of the 25th, all employees stayed at Jiatai International Hotel on the Yalu  River. The hotel is located in the Yalu River Scenic Area. Staff not only tour the river by boat, but also taste authentic exotic cuisine.


Wulong Mountain is located 20 kilometers northwest of Dandong Suburb, and it is 710 meters above sea level. The mountains are full of trees and there are strange rocks and beautiful scenery. On the morning of the 26th, all Midas employees took a tourist bus to the foot of the mountain to begin the important challenge of this visit to Dandong - climbing Wulong Mountain. There are 50 old comrades who know the destiny in the team, and 4 or 5 year-old preschool children. Everyone carries forward the consistent team spirit of Midas, encouraging each other and collaborating with each other. Although Wulong Mountain is relatively primitive, its development is relatively backward, and it is difficult to climb. However, with the efforts of all staff, after four hours of hard work, it finally reached a summit of around 1:30 pm!

Taking into account the mountain climbing on the physical exertion, the company deliberately organized the morning of the 27th all hot springs. Located in Dandong, Donggang City, the northern Yellow Sea spa town features distinctive features and advanced facilities. It is one of the only four seawater hot springs in the world. The others are located in Sicily, Italy, Kagoshima, Kitakyushu, Japan, and Jimo, Shandong Province, China. Here, all the members of Midas relaxed their minds and bodies and enjoyed authentic Donggang seafood. (About the photos in the hot springs Xiaobian will not put a map, but interested readers can reply "Midas a good figure" in the background, Xiao Bian will send photos to you alone!)


The wonderful journey is short-lived, but the good memories are long-lasting. Through this trip, the Midas team has increased its cohesion. More importantly, it is necessary to further implement the militarized management of “organized, disciplined, and faithful”. mode. Combining with the company’s recent training of every employee, the company hopes that in the future work, every employee can set an example and become a role model for others, allowing the management of the company to be more detailed and efficient, and truly to be everyone. For all of us, the future of Midas and every employee will be even more brilliant!
At the same time looking forward to the next trip ... (according to unreliable news that we might to go abroad collectively ...)


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