Fire and water have no mercy,but people have!

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When you're working in the office, when you're spending time with your family and friends, or when you're relaxing, perhaps you've never imagined that a disaster will come to you at any time. .

640.jpg       “In the moment of disaster, it was the burst of humanity and darkness.” Today, ten years ago, the entire nation was shocked by the sudden earthquake that struck Wenchuan. Goodness, selfishness, courage, jealousy, responsibility, and evasion were all after the disaster. One after another. Today, ten years later, we must not only mourn the grief of the past, but also prevent the situation that may occur at any time.

There is no super hero or savior in life that can turn the tide at a critical moment, because as long as we are properly trained and prepared in the weekdays, each of us may step forward in the crisis. Therefore, the state will set May 12 every year as a disaster prevention and reduction day. The theme of this year is: Active action, everyone involved, and building a safe home.
       As one of the leaders of the Liaoning Private Chemical Group, Midas Chemicals places greater emphasis on safety production and employee safety awareness and safety skills training. And Midas Chemical's aromatic compound production base, in the production of naphthenic acid, water driers in the process, the potential for fire and flood control and other emergencies are more demanding, and regularly organize fire drills, damage control exercises, etc. .

       The tireless education and exercises once again enabled each Midas chemical production staff to master basic disaster prevention and reduction skills, and strictly abide by safety production standards in production activities, creating a well-trained and well-organized organization. Industrial workers team.
        In the face of disaster, we refuse to negligence. We are always ready. We watch peace!

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