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In a modern manufacturing company, if the core management team is the brain of the company; cash flow is the blood of the company; the main business constitutes the bones of the company, then a mature and efficient ERP system is the neuron of the company. . It controls every step of the company's production operations, accounting for the cost of each action. From the source of the company's production, it integrates capital, manpower, technology, raw materials, and equipment. It can be said that companies without ERP are like walking bodies, inefficient, slow and poorly managed.


With the gradual development of Midas Chemicals, higher requirements were placed on the company's production base and assembly line. The original system was no longer able to meet the daily production requirements. Therefore, under the leadership of the company's general manager, the group spent a lot of money to purchase a new one. In the ERP system, after the trial operation period, the core production and operation team was systematically trained on the Group's production base on May 7, 2018.


The core content of the training is how to properly sort out the company's bill of materials (BOM). BOM in the broad sense is a combination of product structure and process flow, and the two are inseparable. Leaving the process flow to talk about product structure has no practical significance. To objectively and scientifically describe a certain manufacturing product through BOM, it is necessary to start from the manufacturing process in order to accurately describe and reflect the structure of the product.


With the use of laboratories in the production base, the new BOM list will be completed. Based on this, and then organically combining BOM inventory with warehousing, financial management, and manpower management, the management and production efficiency of Midas Production Base will be more efficient. At the same time, the group sales team also conducted in-depth exchanges with software engineers for problems that occurred during the trial period. In the future, the group's ERP system will truly play a role as a neuron, integrating sales, production, management, and finance efficiently. Midas will take a more solid step on the road leading to Global Chemicals Group!

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