Midas chem. 2017 summing up and commending the conference successfully finished!

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Love is old, time lost in the blink of an eye in 2017 has been gradually away from us. In this year, the Midas team has experienced success and failure, tried to explore and efforts, felt the tears and laughter; either pain or happiness, or non merit, for Midas and the whole team, are precious wealth and harvest.

Therefore, Midas chemical in February 9, 2018 decided to convene the annual summary and commendation meeting, summarize the success and failure in the past year, plan for the development of the new year to avoid making the same mistakes; at the same time for individual and team with outstanding contributions, set an example for success, let the people to be sure, let us determine the direction.


At 15 o'clock in the afternoon, the announcing the conference began, the staff representatives first spoke, then summarized their work contents in the past year, and also reflected on the problems in the work. Lin Zhao, a foreign trade department, put forward a strong view of the new year's customer development and target market. Liu Yunnan, the factory representative, put forward the problems in the production process and gave the solutions. The new team members also expressed their desire to integrate into the collective. More is the expression of all of the new year is full of confidence and expectations, hopes to individuals and enterprises can make still further progress further!

The conference then entered the award - awarding link and commended the outstanding employees of the past year.

Midas sales champion of the year of 2017 - Li Jianxing


Midas sales breakthrough award in 2017 - Duan Siqiang


Midas Award for outstanding contribution in 2017 - Li Yanhong (lead)


Midas Award for excellent management of Midas - Wang Xinwei


Midas, an excellent individual of the year of 2017 - Li Hong


After the award, the general manager of Zhou Ning praised the award-winning staff again and affirmed the effort of each employee.


The last item of the conference is made by the general manager. General manager Sun summarizes all aspects of work in the past year, this article provides some suggestions for future development and construction, infrastructure construction for the next factory, staffing and production line management measures are put forward new ideas and standards; on the international business, general manager of the staff affirmed the idea at the same time that the new year will introduce a new performance assessment approach, encourage the further development of customers in achieving company goals at the same time, the personal income and strive for further improvement!

After the annual meeting, all the staff came to the Youth Holiday Villa for the annual meeting dinner. Dinner games highlight team cooperation, the purpose is to allow more people to participate in and win the prize. During the dinner, a total of 5 yuan prizes were awarded, and all participants felt the concern and feedback from the company.


A few wind and rain, a few years of spring and autumn! In tears and laughter, we went through 2017. In the past year, each of us is closely related to Midas's fate. We have experienced failures and successes, and we have experienced pain and happiness. Midas is grateful to every employee for their efforts and efforts. We can bring new hope and harvest for ourselves and our company only if everyone changes and companies change. 2018, to dream of a horse, don't take time!


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