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Christmas was originally designed to commemorate the birth of Jesus. With the global popularity of Christmas, the religious significance of Christmas is not so obvious. After all, people all over the world feel relaxed in order to relax for a few days at the end of the year. Here Xiaobian has arranged the characteristic Christmas delicacies of the world.


Turkey, the Commonwealth and the United   States.

The average British family loved to cook a turkey, a large number of Vegetable & Fruit such as carrot, celery, onion, chestnuts, into ten pounds of Turkey, then a variety of surface with spices, then put in the oven baked.


The trunk like cake (Buchedenoel) is a famous French Christmas gourmet.

Before the invention of electricity, the French used a good firewood as a Christmas gift. The French are romantic, even delicacy from the edge of the romantic man: once a can not afford to buy Christmas gifts for young people in the forest, picked up a piece of wood to a lover, not only win the heart, and from you. So the tree trunks also become a symbol of good luck in the coming year.


Gingerbread, German speaking country.

The most famous Christmas food in Germany is the Lebkuchen, a small point between the cake and the biscuits. The traditional gingerbread, with honey and Hu Jiaoli as the material, is sweet and spicy, and the taste is exciting. Gingerbread improved, outside a sprinkling of sugar, not only taste rich, the appearance is quite pleasing.


Glogi wine, Finland and Northern Europe.

The Finns enjoy the gingerbread and drink glogi. It's a kind of almond and raisin. It tastes spicy and spicy.


Beach banquet, Oceania.

When people in the northern hemisphere roar at Christmas in the cold wind, it is midsummer in Australia in the southern hemisphere. Australia fiery midsummer Christmas "is a tropical celebration, but also the integration of the classic elements of European traditional Christmas, although the outdoor people braved burning sun, but in the shop window is carefully arranged the winter snow covered with snow: Christmas tree and Santa Claus wear red jacket.


Despite the different customs, people all over the world have the same hope of celebrating Christmas. Thank you for this year's Midas chemical industry, which has been supporting and helping our friends for a year, as well as suppliers and distributors from all over the world. It is your hard work and untiring efforts to have Midas today. I wish Midas's friends all over the world to succeed in their careers, family happiness, health, and merry Christmas!

Frohe Weihnachten

Joyeux Noël

Feliz Navidad

메리 크리스마스

Feliĉa Kristnasko

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