Innovating Innovation! 2017 China COAT successfully concluded!

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November 15, 2017,ChinaCOAT Show 2017 Opened! The lively atmosphere of the show attracted 1217 exhibitors from 34 countries and regions in the world, bringing cutting-edge technologies and the most valuable market resources to more than 57,000 live audiences.

    Our Midas Chemical Co., Ltd. together with Egypt DELTA Additive Co., Ltd. jointly unveiled the core area of W1 Pavilion. "The world's leading supplier of Naphthenic Acid," has lead the Midas booths in less than 2 days with its eye-catching promotional language, innovative booth design and the enthusiasm of all employees. Of the time, a total of more than 2,000 brochures were distributed. In many cases, there were long queues in front of the booth because of the large number of consultants.




     In this exhibition, the public release of our public activities have also been positive response from everyone, all gifts in less than 2 days all released, at the same time our Midas innovative gift design has also been Chinese and foreign customers are the same Praise. At the Midas Customer Thanksgiving Dinner held on the 16th, friends from all corners of the globe and at home and abroad gathered to jointly express their wishes for the future and career of Midas!




     Most importantly, Midas Chemical met more friends and customers from all over the world at the exhibition site, and customers from Europe, North America and Oceania expressed strong interest in the products of Midas Chemicals. Among them, Customers fromSpainandPakistaneven asked the show to sign the contract on the spot. At the same time there are a lot of domestic customers are very interested in our water-based additives and talc series products, in the Midas "our big data, we pay, we out of resources, you are only responsible for the benefits!" , Many customers said they want to become Midas distributors and business partners!




   The three-day event is fleeting, but we are closer to the world! I hope all the friends I met in this exhibition will be able to flourish in their careers. I wish our friendship like the mighty Yangtze River, vast expanse of vast expanse of the Pacific!

    Our journey is the stars and the sea, we meet again next year in Guangzhou Exhibition!

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