LOTTE advanced materials Shanghai CO.,LTD have a business visit and investigation of our company

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In September 13, 2017, LOTTE advanced materials Shanghai CO.,LTD general manager Mr. Li Dongzhu and a four persons team to our company for business visit and investigation.

Mr Li first visit our company’s production base which located in Shaling of Shenyang, our company’s general manager Mr Sun introduced the development of our company, and the future direction of development, Mr Li asked the relevant information of ABS, PC and other plastic raw materials and talcum powder products.


Mr Li Dongzhu said, Midas chemical is an important partner of LOTTE in the northeast and North China, the current domestic demand for ABS PC market, about 6 million 500 thousand tons per year, is a huge potential market, both sides should deepen cooperation in various aspects, share customer resources, and achieve the win-win goal. Midas, Shandong office, Duan Siqiang, general manager and foreign trade manager Xu attended the visit.


LOTTE advanced materials Shanghai CO.,LTD is a large plastic materials production company, mainly for automotive manufacturers, suppliers and various electrical appliances company offers plastic raw materials, business all over the country.


The additives and coatings industry fierce market competition of the market, take the initiative to enter the Midas chemical plastic raw materials industry, is the enterprise in the market competition, an important measure of diversification, made an important layout for the further development of enterprises, Midas chemical industry in the future will provide more perfect service in various fields of chemical engineering the industry for our customers!

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