Employees progress is the driving force of enterprise development ——Midas staff training 2017

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In recent years, Midas chemical industry has developed rapidly in the fields of naphthenic acid, assistant and talcum powder, and now it has set up a nationwide sales network.. As business continues to expand and problems arise, the current most pressing problem is the sales bottleneck faced by the sales team. For the long-term development of enterprises and the professional growth of their employees, Midas's leaders have made a wise decision - training.

This training, our company has the honor to invite the author of "marketing thirty-six stratagems", the famous lecturer Mr. Wang Zhiyong teaches for all staff. Mr. Wang first from the marketing personnel's personal knowledge and manner of speaking, in layman's terms, as an excellent sales personnel should have personal qualities. And then put forward specific marketing skills, combined with actual cases, explained the application of marketing skills in practical work.



At the same time, Mr. Wang Zhiyong also pointed out the company's two problems at this stage: lack of records management and customer filing system; the lack of regular staff exchange regular meeting system. The process of establishment of the archives will be tedious, but insist on long-term development will help enterprises and better customer service to provide customers with a regular system; although it may be a mere formality, but Midas's team is young, to exchange experiences in the regular meeting each other, to make reasonable suggestions and summary.


Mr. Wang Zhiyong has a wealth of front-line sales experience, eight hours a day of teaching, applause, for all staff brought a perfect audio-visual feast.

Through this training, all the staff not only learn more marketing skills, but at a higher level to redefine themself to become a good sales personnel, need to be self disciplined, hard work and love, although on the surface looked empty and simple, but in every day, if you can stick to it again, only to become a good sales?

All the participants of the training staff have said not enough, we hope the company can provide more training opportunities, but also will work in the future to use the training content, put more knowledge into the benefit of the enterprise!


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