Once upon in Chemical history

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Once upon in Chemical history

   ——“Super powerBASF

(The first episode of season 1)

In the year of 1834,a German chemist found that If the kerosene fuel with bleach, aniline will release a fresh blue color, as we know, on the continent of Europe in 19th Century, it was very difficult to get pure and bright blue dye,so that’s why China's Cloisonne porcelain will be wildly sought after.And this discovery from German chemist ,had established the developement of aniline dyes's foundation in futher.

The opportunity always favors the prepared mind. Soon, Friedrich Engelhorn, a businessman, quickly discovered the opportunities in coal tar. Finally, on the day of April 6, 1865, Mr. Engelhorn in Baden wvrttemberg Mannheim, created the “Badische Anilin- & Soda-Fabrik”company -- one great road of chemical industry,  had started from here.

Don't say Chinese Feng Shui is a superstition, the Europeans as well, at least we's Mr Engelhorn. Because of the outbreak in 1796 of war against France,the "battle of Arco"'s main battle zone was near Mannheim, at that time, as the core part of Rhine – Mannheim trench, the outbreak of the plague and cholera, a large area of the old city of mannheim, many innocent people died. Mr. Engelhorn was taken this to heart. After all, he worked about the chemical, less or less friendly to the environment, so the company has just set up a week, Mr. Engelhorn put the company moved to the other side of Ludwigshafen the Rhine,(One of the reasons is could’t bought land in Mannheim) since then, this company has forged a bond with the small town.

All startups start with the same story: Business starts from scratch, but entrepreneurs have lofty ideals and a long - term vision, our main character is no exception. “Badische Anilin- & Soda-Fabrik” started with only two plants, producing coal tar and textile dyes, basically,as the picture below:


But Mr. Engelhorn has his own unique opinions: If you want to get a long-term success in the chemical business, must grasp the high quality production of raw materials and precursors (precursor, chemical raw materials generated further from precursor synthesis products), by its own accumulation to promote and support the chemical research work..As a result, BASF has been investing heavily in upstream areas, operating oil and gas business from ancient times to the present. According to BASF's statistics, 90% of its chemical products are produced by internal resources.

Precisely because of the paranoia and persistence of entrepreneurs, The “Badische Anilin- & Soda-Fabrik”company has been successful in the initial stage of entrepreneurship, and gradually become the industry leader.


In 1885, eleven years of Guangxu, Sino French war ended, the <Tianjin treaty> signed; the French sent a great gift to the United States-- the statue of Liberty; the world's first motorcycle appeared in Bayern, Germany.( this story about blue sky and white clouds, let's watch it later) Our Mr. Engelhorn did not idle, He put his right-hand man - business on behalf of Mr. Sproesser Theodor sent to Shanghai, Shanghai night, Shanghai night…In this city that well knowed as to leading Chinese fashion,( from past to now) BASF dye has become a best-selling product. Since that time, BASF officially entered the marketChina. At that time, BASF's product packaging is like this, let’s feel it:


War, war is never changed…

At the end of 19th Century, European countries see each other not pleasing to the eye, finally the outbreak of World War I. Our protagonists are unfortunately involved in the maelstrom of war.( EH... the German companies seem to have something to point relationship and the military.)

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