Clariant launched water-based light stabilizer and wax additives products

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The special chemicals company Clariant international leaders to push new products: waterborne coatings with superior durability, has excellent weatherability, scratch resistance and excellent surface effect, can be applied to the floor and outdoor.


In 2016 the United States Water Forum held in New Orleans, Clariant introduced its unique and innovative water-based light stabilizers and wax additives based on renewable materials, both for more natural and sustainable products, excellent performance. Compared with traditional solutions, the new coating additives to enhance the performance of waterborne coatings, the sustainability of the coating became a viable alternative solvent based paint and coating formula system.


Clariant Hostavin R Aqueous dispersion in the UV stability of excellence, can help prevent wood paint due to climate erosion resulting from poor effect, such as discoloration, loss of gloss, basement cracks, foaming and other products. The point is, the effective light stabilizers composition the highest content of the product also has the patent of the dispersed in water, can guarantee the storage stability, the water paint storage life for more than a year. Dispersion solvent free light stabilizer of ecological protection, safe and non-toxic, only added to the mixing system can be easily used, and greatly enhance the sustainability of functional coating.

Based on the Ceridust 100% Clariant wax powder renewable materials R The waterborne wood coatings have excellent scratch resistance, surface texture and innovative surface texture or the one and only bring soft feel. The product is only the use of renewable raw materials made from non food sources of vegetables.


Coarse grain size of 8090 Ceridust TP brings high protection and smooth surface, feel comfortable, like the original wood brings feel. Water based formula excellent scratch resistance, the friction coefficient of polymer powder increase, confirmed that the scratch is superior to similar products.


With fine particles of Ceridust 8091 TP fusion of smoothness with superior scratch resistance. Is waterborne wood coatings, the matte effect compared to standard non renewable wax, enables the manufacturer to develop the coating more sustainable and first-class quality.


Clariant additive Department of polymer additives products chain paint application technology marketing manager Mouhcine Kanouni said, "bring the high performance of a new generation of products Hostavin and Ceridust light stabilizer Clariant wax powder for sustainable waterborne coatings market, thus promoting the upgrading of solvent based paints. The new additives will help designers with more environmentally friendly paint products, has a smooth surface and a comfortable touch the log; it has outstanding scratch resistance, Gao Yaguang effect and superior weather resistance."

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