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Now is during the period with big developments, big changes, and big adjustments.

World is multi-polarization,economic globalization has a In-depth development, science and technology has rapid progress. knowledge-based economy is in the ascendant. Speeding up the talent development is the major strategic choice to win initiative in fierce international competition. At this very moment, what we have to do is improving ourselves constantly and recruiting the human resources.

We Midas never stingy to share our experience, achievements and losses. We organize or attend chemical seminars constantly, including technology, managing, marketing and etc. In order to promote information sharing, get common utilization of resources and reduce the burden on society.

We also provide the opportunity of internship for the students Just stepped out of the campus. Try our best to train shaped talents.providing foreign trade job for foreign graduated students to strengthen culture and habits exchange.

We also organize the staff exchange, studying and visiting domestic and foreign factory, and have a system learning of the overseas advanced experience and management technology.


Case 1 - The French international students working opportunity

Case 2 - Overseas study Tours, technical exchanges

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