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Since 2006, established its own labor union, Midas extended the attention of its own staff and family to the whole society group needing to be paid attention and be served. For more than a decade, we showed loving care for the empty-nest easterly's life each year in order to reduce their psychological and emotional stress and make them get comfort. Meanwhile, we also care the deaf-mute disabled orphans and accompany them to realize their dreams. We always pay attention to the disasters and give a hand within our power.  Used books from our staff or public collection have been donated to the middle and primary schools which needing in regular intervals, etc.

Nowadays, we are carrying out the activity offering the job opportunities for the disabled people. Make sure giving back to society effectively.

We will not stop our endeavoring. Our field of vision will also be extended. All our staff are very happy to live and work in such a group full of love, and hope can share the love with all of others.

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